This is a Homepage

Apparently blogs don’t have homepages. The blog is home. But I don’t like that.

Say you’re wandering around the internet and end up at my blog. (I’d optimistically assume you landed there on purpose, but that defeats the purpose of this anecdote, so of course, you have ended up there accidentally.) While this is GREAT, because it means one more rando is reading my writing, it’s not so great because more likely than not, you’re like “what the fuck is the place?” You might read skim my most recent post, which currently contains a lot about crying and the new president, which would more than likely make you scram ASAP.

But say you don’t immediately backtrack. Instead you hop on over to the section where I’ve written all about myself, aptly titled “Hello, It’s Me.” While I like to think my self-deprecation and wit are the qualities that have you mesmerized, I know the GIFs do all the heavy lifting. Why do you think I include them?

At this point our writer/rando relationship transitions to something more familiar and you’ve momentarily forgotten that you’re actually looking for Zoe Siegel the architectural designer and artist. But that doesn’t solve the problem at hand, and GIFs, while magical, do not perform miracles. I know that soon you’ll bye bitch right out of here.

Thus we land here, the homepage. Because this homepage exists, you’ll never need to experience the disorienting roller coaster of emotions that light reading and brief navigational choices would have extolled on your well-being. This, I think, evolves our relationship to the utmost intimacy. You trust me not to give you the run-around. I trust you not to bail due to my questionable blogging habits.

Full disclosure: this blog isn’t about anything. Sorry to wait this long to tell you. This blog a space for my irreverent, irrelevant musings or whatever. Anyone can see that my posts from the last few years are sporadic. Those who get email updates will notice that they haven’t been (assuming they haven’t forgotten about me completely). I have no reason to keep my blog, and thus, I don’t. But I’m working on changing that! To be continued?