Not A Poem

As if I could be summed up by a few lines, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it with all of the online dating I’ve done.

I’ve been thinking a lot about not overthinking things.

I finally cut my hair short and I love it.

*UPDATE* I’m growing my short hair out.

Loving anything scares me.

I’m particular about the people that I keep around me.

I focus on the bad over the good.

Nothing makes me angrier than people who make primal, orgasmic, lip-smacking sounds when they chew. Do they not realize that they are making those sounds? Or that there are other people around? People who can HEAR them. People who do not WANT to hear their unintentional sex sounds.

airplane panic gif

I would literally rather hear my upstairs neighbors having sex (which happens regularly, which I know, because I can hear) because that is where those sounds belong!

Want to know what I do like? Horses. And dogs. My cat is alright, but she tends to make those annoying slurpy sounds when she grooms herself. I do not like that.



One thought on “Not A Poem

  1. Ahhhh you’re so right I hate it. I actually said the phrase “I could never live in a landlocked area” today to my boss. I’m serious. And I will always read your blog. I can’t stop myself.

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