The NJB from NYC

I’m pretty sure I went out with Michael Cera last night. But a more Jewish, suave Michael Cera. I think I’m actually ok with this. What I’m not so ok with is how I’m writing this blog post right now instead of doing school work. Writing is writing, right? Sure, some writing takes priority, and in this case, it is the wrong writing.

Anyway, Michael Cera is very good at kissing and somehow snaked his NJB self into my living room last night. We watched Adventure Time. We were far too fascinated by it. Except he isn’t such a nice Jewish boy after all, because he tried smooth talking me in a way I haven’t seen the likes of in quite some time. Please buddy. Like I haven’t been there before. So he was straight with me, praise jesus hallelujah, one that can actually speak his mind.

“commitment issues, tbh” is what he told me. Of course. Please kid, like we all don’t have baggage. Get over it. He’s looking for something casual. He thinks. And I’m looking to get married. Get real.  And yet. He texted me after he left. He texted me all day. Planned when to go out again. Wanted to see me tonight. Ok then. Who’s got the power now?

A not so NJB from NYC. Sounds good to me.


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