Would You Rather

I thought that unwanted makeout sessions were awkward.

Well, they are, but I’ve found a situation that gives that one a run for its money.

The scene:  Your date went well, but in a friendly way.  You think it’s possible that there could be more, possibly worth pursing on a second date, but not well enough to already know that you want to make future plans.  You think about the end of the night kiss, of course, because despite my mother’s surprise, kissing on the first date is fairly commonplace.

You know, of course, that just by questioning whether you want to kiss this guy means that you don’t and that you shouldn’t.  But if he goes in for it you’ll be okay, you guess.  And, well, given your brief but varied dating history, that chances are that he will go in for the kiss, because of course.


You both know what’s supposed to happen.  But it’s not happening.  And neither of you know what to do, because you both know that you both know what’s supposed to happen, which means that despite knowing, neither of you have done what you’re supposed to do.  Knowing what you both know, you CAN’T kiss now, because you’d know that you only did it because you were supposed to, despite possibly actually wanting to.

Instead, you verbally, though indirectly, acknowledge what didn’t happen and what was possibly supposed to happen.  You say maybe next time and then run away.  Because you are you, and in this case you is actually me.  In case you didn’t get that.  I am not a cool person, despite what my leather jacket collection would have you believe.

awkward kristen stewart gif
I don’t believe those are really for her vision.

So tell me. Would you rather:

be part of the most awkward first kiss ever


the aforementioned catastrophe?

harry hermione potions gif


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