You See How Picky I Am About My Shoes and They Only Go On My Feet

At this point I’ve gone out with an Israeli, a future murderer, a bearded guy from Indiana, a guy who spent the majority of the time talking about Quantum Physics, and a body builder from Texas.  I have started scheduling two dates into one day if possible, the first being today.  I had a breakfast date with Texas and I’m going for drinks tonight with a guy who rides horses.  That will be interesting, but he’s also from LA.

I have also learned that none of these are actually dates.  They are hang outs and get togethers.  I guess that does make sense, just to make sure neither party is a total psycho, but I don’t think that’s the reason.  I’m currently being the passive one and letting the guys call all the shots, letting them be the ones who message me first.

That is, unless there’s someone I’m really interested in.

They all keep it vague.  Play it cool.  Most of them suggest drinks.  Only one asked me to dinner, but it ended up being a well lit, completely unromantic BBQ place.  He had crazy eyes and ate about three times less than me.  One suggested coffee, and another actually put some thought into what I might like to do (only to have to reschedule it to the breakfast instead).

I suppose drinks make sense.  They have the potential to be quick but also really can’t last too long.  Not for me, anyway, because sloppy drunk first impressions are not good first impressions.  It’s a nice way to judge someone in that aspect though, because any guy who gets too drunk on a first date is not someone I want to see again.

Out of these 5, there’s only been one that I’ve been even a little interested in.  The guy who talked my ear off about science, of all people.  I’ve always found that whole topic interesting, but every time I would read an article, even a short one, if I didn’t get too bored to finish, I’d instead have to look up like five different terms, only to have to look up like five more terms for each of those.  Learning Quantum Physics is like slaying a hydra.

Cut one head off, two more grow in its place.

But oh my god just kill me, listening to that guy explain it was fucking adorable.  I have such a crush.  He has a motorcycle too, of course.

The rest of them though, just missed the mark.  The only guy I did not like at all was the guy with crazy eyes, both because he seemed like the controlling type who would end up murdering his Stepford wife but also because he ate way less than me.  I did not like him.

The Texas guy today, man I was bummed about that one.  I didn’t dislike him, but he made such a bad first impression.  Basically rolled out of bed and drove to the restaurant.  He was completely out of it for like the first half hour.  He was an interesting person – one of the first things he told me was that he had clinical depression.  Not even in an awkward way, though I imagine most people would have disagreed.  I don’t think that mental health should be a taboo subject and his ability to state it so plainly really impressed me.

He was actually very honest the entire meal, which was refreshing.  I wish I liked him.  Alas, those feelings were definitely not there.  Part of that was definitely the long hair.  I tried, I really did, but ick.

Now I have drinks with the horseback rider tonight, drinks with a guy who grew up in Maine Wednesday, vague plans with a cute nerd on Friday, and tentatively something on Saturday with Quantum Physics.

This is absolutely insane.



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