We Found Love In A Hopeless Place (feat. Starbucks)

I glimpsed him through the window. Was it really him?

I looked so cool in my square, purple sunglasses. I was in my typical “casual date” uniform of those dark jeans that make my ass look great, as if it needs any help, and that top I got at Ross, of all places, that emphasizes my boobs perfectly.

It was him.

Before my brain could compute: “You look different from your pictures.” Or something to that effect. “Not in a bad way.”

Before I even said hi.  There’s no coming back from that.

“You’re Ryan, right?” Ryan. Of course that’s his name.

“Yes.” He smiles. So goofy.  He’s got chompers.  I don’t judge him.  I don’t even have to stop myself. He laughs at every single thing I say. I know that I wanted a guy who laughed at my jokes, but every single thing. I can say anything. It’s amazing. Because a lot of things that I say are nonsensical half-thoughts akin to drivel.

We talked about Doctor Who and he wooed me with Quantum Physics. I was concerned that I didn’t have anything to offer in comparison. Then I realized. I’m a pretty girl fascinated with a nerd talking about Quantum Physics.

I’m all set.



For some reason I switched back and forth between tenses a lot in this piece; I’ve been known to do this since high school.  I tried writing it all in the present as well as past tense, yet neither created the tone that I wanted like the mixed tenses do.  I’m a grammatically incorrect rule breaker I guess.


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