You Know I’m All About That Bass

I’ve recently become completely obsessed with this song and you should be too.

The song has a rad 1960s sound mixed with modern pop which is pretty tough to come by these days.*  That combined with tea party pastels, sugary sweet outfits, and synchronized dancing make the song and the video both hits.

As much as I’m absolutely head over heels in love, I’m also a bit bothered.  The point of the song is body positivity.  It encourages girls to love their curves and not worry about looking like photoshopped models that they see in magazines.  That’s all fantastic, of course.

However, a few of the lyrics are quite problematic.

I’m bringing booty back
Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that

tina fey mean girls sluts whores gif

Same goes for bitches.  Same goes for name calling in general.  Has everyone forgotten that THIS WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE MOVIE?  Did people not even realize this to begin with?  Am I missing something?  ARE YOU?

I’m all for body positivity.  Like hello. Duh.  But it is SO UNNECESSARY to insult one body type in order to elevate another.  Skinny girls are not better than fat girls and vice versa.  Fat girls don’t like it when people make them feel bad about the way that they look, right?  Well skinny girls don’t like it either.  Just because thinner girls have the body type that is idealized by society does not mean it’s ok to insult them over it.  What is so hard about this concept to understand?

The entire point is to not judge someone by their weight.

We are all insecure.  We all have that little voice telling us we should weigh less or more or have bigger boobs or smaller calves.  Body positivity is supposed to make girls feel good about our bodies exactly the way that they are because there will never not be someone telling you that you need to change.  The important thing is knowing that that isn’t true.

The other line that bothered me a bit that doesn’t matter nearly as much was 

Yeah my mama she told me don’t worry about your size
She said boys like a little more booty to hold at night

leslie knope this is a trap gif

Girl, don’t even worry about looking a certain way so that guys like you.  This is not a thing that matters.  Just worry about liking yourself.  Yes, some guys like a little more booty, but others also like those “skinny bitches.”  The whole point of the song is not letting others tell you how you should look, right?  Sure, it’s comforting to know that there’s a guy out there for all of us, regardless of body type, I guess… but that really shouldn’t matter when a girl is learning to love herself.  It’s basically saying that you should be ok with yourself because a man WILL love you even if you’re fat!

liz lemon blah gif

Alrighty, now that I’ve cleared that up, I will continue jamming out to this song all summer long because it has a totally bitchin’ beat, it does have a generally positive message, and I do what I want.


*The Pipettes do have a fantastic album released in 2006 with a similar sound, though unfortunately that changed drastically in their second album with all of the original members leaving.


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