I Was Like Totally Buggin’

The other day I acted worse than Regina George, and now my laptop is punishing me for it.  The trackpad has stopped working for the second time in about two weeks.  It’s literally been forcing me to sit with my guilt, not allowing me an attempt to alleviate it.

I deserve that.

However, it looks like it’s working again, at least for the time being, allowing me to acknowledge what a terrible person I was in my post a few days ago.

Yeah, this is going to be kind of an apology, which is difficult because I have to be genuine.  That actually makes me want to vom, and not in a “cute aggression” sort of way.

So I’ll just get it over with.

When I say I was worse than Regina George in my last post, I mean I was like Regina post-dethroning, complete with Kalteen bar teeth.

regina george kalteen bar teeth

I really should not have called Josh’s girlfriend Browzilla.  It was mean spirited and completely unnecessary.  She’s never done a damn thing to me and I had no excuse to be such a bitter old hag.  She can and should do whatever she thinks looks good, haters be damned.  Girl on girl hate is a huge problem, one that I unfortunately still have issues with, apparently.

Being a bitch for the sake of being mean is not ok.  I don’t really like using that word as it’s rarely appropriate, but in this case, it is.  Generally women are referred to as bitches for being honest or standing up for what they believe in.  Both of those things are actually really awesome and warrant no name calling.

But when you’re a bitch just because you can’t handle your own feelings, that’s a problem.  Like no, I do not particularly like this girl, but I don’t know her.  I’ve never even met her.  How in the world can I justify writing ANYTHING about her, ESPECIALLY her appearance?

I can’t.  There is absolutely no excuse.

I know that I have a weird thing about eyebrows (seriously, they can make or break your entire look), but there was just no need for name calling.

And I feel horrible about it.

That’s it.  This apology was solely for a girl I’ve never met, who’s never done anything to me, and who had a total of maybe three sentences written about her.

What?  Did you think it would be for my exes?

cersei wine smirk gif

cersei laugh gif

cersei scoff laugh gif

Lol no.



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