Why We Need To Talk About Elliot Rodger

The idea that this kid is getting exactly what he wants – attention – is very bothersome to me, but at the same time, Elliot Rodger has very possibly finally brought the necessary attention to the sense of entitlement that FAR too many men possess. Women are not objects and men do not “deserve” anything from us. I was going to try to throw together a post about this at the last moment, but James Michael Sama expressed my sentiments well and probably far more nicely than I would have.

James Michael Sama

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Elliot Rodger, he is (was) the 22 year old son of Hunger Games second unit director Peter Rodger. Elliot has recently carried out his predicted slaughter of women (7 killed in total) and then himself. Elliot submitted a 140+ page personal manifesto which chronicles his life and loneliness in incredible detail. Gawker has published Elliot’s YouTube threat(s) as well as his full manifesto.


Why did he do this? Because he was lonely. Because he was a 22 year old virgin and had never kissed a girl. Because he had a deep hatred for women who rejected him and for men who were sexually active. Because he saw himself as the perfect man, the “true alpha male” as he says in his videos – and yet all women rejected him.

Why do we need to discuss this? Because some people will actually…

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