I’m Only Joking, I Don’t Believe A Thing I Said

UM.  Hi.  Can we just talk about how utterly, absurdly horrible my last post was?  Like just let me go kill myself for thinking those things, and then once more for actually writing about them.

I would go back to re-read it and then address everything that I have a problem with, but I’ve already read it like 5 times, and while it is pretty funny, I just cannot stand the idea of having to read through it again.

blair waldorf gossip girl shh gif

I mean, I did have a valid point.  People play games and it’s shitty and something I will absolutely not partake in.  Dudes playing games are not dudes that I want to date.  The end.  But I also maybe don’t have to deal with any of it at all.  Dating?  Meh.  I’ve been getting to know LA a bit better, just a little bit, and it really is a different world.  Not like that’s a surprise, having been born and raised in Maine, but I’ve started to really experience those differences.  To quote a friend from the other night, when we were getting ready to go out: “This is LA, beb.”

scarlett johansson blowing kiss gif

(Yep.  Beb.  Not babe.  Love it).

I am NOT whiny and I’m NOT insecure.  I have my (constant) moments of self-doubt, but if anyone actually tried to make me feel badly, that would not fly with me.  I’m the only one allowed to scrutinize every detail of myself.  If just the possibility of dating makes me lose all sense of that, then it’s just not going to happen.

Maybe I’ll just be single for a while.  That’s a novel idea, and gosh, it sure sounds like a good one.

Oh, and for the love of god, please listen to this song.  For one thing, it conveys the dating scene perfectly, and also, I’m completely obsessed with it.


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