I’m Getting a Life, Ok?

I’ve unintentionally on purpose withdrawn from this blog, which is excellent.  I meant to do so when the story I had told about last year caught up with my present, but found myself going on about almost anything that I thought of.  Since my brain does not shut up (think: laying in bed, boyfriend snoring beside me, unable to fall asleep not because of the snoring, but also totally that, but because my train of thought never ends and is too interesting for me want to turn off, anyway), things to write about have been plentiful.

That is not the point.

I’ve been meaning to turn my attention elsewhere.  Keeping up with this blog has done wonders for my writing, and now it’s time to focus on the book that I wrote.  Because yeah, I totally wrote a book.  It took about 6 years and it’s funny but terrible.  Because there is no plot.  A very helpful literary agent pointed that out.  So I realized that would require a ton of re-writing and started this blog instead.

So I finished writing the story that this blog started out as.  And began wanting to work on my book.  And kept writing this blog instead.  And actually haven’t written anything here in over a week.  Which is good.  Because I can’t write from the mind of a highly dramatized, totally unrealistic, 15 year old version of myself when I’m also writing this thing.

But I do have the plot all laid out.  It really won’t be that difficult to re-work.  But I’m an awful procrastinator and am lucky if I write a page a day when it comes to that fucking book because I kind of hate it now, and my goal is to have it all worked out by the end of February.

Don’t get me wrong; I will almost definitely be writing stuff here and there for this blog.  My thoughts cannot be contained within the confines of my head.  I’ll try to stick with only the most interesting and important, because a lot of it is really just bizarre drivel.  I’ve also discovered that it’s far better for my writing if I actually live out my life for a bit, figure it all out, and then write in a reflective way.   I’ve felt like I don’t have much to say regarding my life right now, but a lot is going on and I just haven’t realized it.  So I do have some stuff to write, but I’m going to give it some time to settle.

Aaaand a post that was supposed to be just a few paragraphs has turned into this.  Figures.  Once you pop, the fun don’t stop.

I also just realized how that phrase absolutely sounds like it’s referring to popping pills and not eating Pringles.  I thought that was necessary to point out.  Also that I was not referring to Pringles or pills, but to the word vomit that is my entire life.

Ok I’m done.  I’m going to leave you with this blog, instead.  It’s a link to Matthew Richards’ work, a Portland based photographer who is truly, incredibly talented.  He’s one of the first random people who started following my blog, and we still don’t actually know each other, but I absolutely love his photos, most recently this one.

matthew richards congress st

So I recommend that you follow his work.  That is all.  I actually want to say a lot more, but it needs to stop sometime.  I will be back, my loves!



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