Way To Go, Me

Alright.  So.  I’m watching Moulin Rouge and as fantastic as it begins, it’s far too depressing to warrant my full attention.  So I’ll write about what I’m doing right now.

But my god, Ewan McGregor has a magical voice.  And face.

Thing Number One: Interning at the Writer’s Guild Foundation.  Basically sitting at a desk in the library, checking people in, working on random projects, and reading scripts.  Lots and lots of scripts.  And movie news.

All you need is love.  So distracted.

It’s really fantastic.  Smart, interesting people work there, and I’ve spent a few of my days off sitting there writing.  Creative people in an awesome environment.  Oh, and it’s totally located where famous people kind of just exist.  It’s near the Grove, right around where Mindy Kaling lives, and I’m pretty sure that I saw Carey Mulligan at a Starbucks a couple weeks ago.  By pretty sure I mean I’m 100% sure it was her.  I more or less had lunch with her.  And lots of people talking about business things.  And last week one guy was talking on the phone about how soul sucking the whole business is, but what a great privilege it is to find someone creative and be able to help them get a leg up.  While I was sitting one table over, scribbling my heart out in my notebook and simultaneously eavesdropping.

Then he told the guy on the phone, hold on a minute, and walked up to me, and started talking to me, asked what I was doing, blah blah, etc., and I was like THIS IS MY MOMENT TO SHINE.

Except that didn’t really happen.  Instead he went off to smoke a cigarette in an elevator or something.

Thing Number Two: This is the real thing.  It’s a small fashion and lifestyle website that I write for.  What someone is actually giving me money for.  Hey, look at that, I’m actually getting paid to do what I’ve wanted to do for my… entire life.  Way to go me.  I started working there immediately after I moved, and less than two months later I get paid.  Ok sure, I’m technically only considered a “contributor,” but they got rid of their other contributors in order for me to write everything.  I believe the phrase “head writer” was used.

Seriously though.  Ewan McGregor.

“Got rid of” is kind of a harsh way to put it but it’s really basically what they did, as far as I know.  Because they like me and think I’m smart and described me as their target demographic basically like all the other girls who work there.  Which is fantastic.  They are, I mean.  They have that valley girl drawl, vocal fry apathy that I kind of really love and love to make fun of.  In case you need an example:

She’s my favorite character so it actually makes a lot of sense.

I get to call myself a fashion blogger, which is ridiculous.  Because it is so cool.  A year ago I was working at a kennel, which was great, but I wore the crappiest clothes I owned on a regular basis.  Now I get to wear fantastic outfits all the time, or not if I don’t want to (lol, good one).  Then there’s the food.  Because apparently it’s like, always someone’s birthday, so there’s usually cake, and I’m not even kidding.  And the other day a couple of the girls went out to buy everyone In-N-Out for lunch, which is California’s version of delicious, local fast food.  It’s definitely good, but I really just don’t get it.  I don’t.  Five Guys is just better.  It is so much better.  Also fries.

There’s one more thing about this job.  Oh, calling it a job seems so silly.  In a couple months I will possibly probably get paid more and have more hours, but it just doesn’t feel like any sort of “job” I imagined.  Anyway.  Writing for this website has made me realize that I actually, really want to write for a magazine.  One in specific.  Nylon.  I’d always actually liked the idea of writing for a magazine, but never seriously considered pursuing it.  Now this has basically fallen into my lap, and I really enjoy it, and find myself already thinking down the line, about how this is the perfect opportunity to learn everything I need to know in order to prepare myself for something else.

Perfect.  Way to go self, proud of you.


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