It’s Constricting My Brain*

Big changes are a comin’.  That writing style I’ve been using since I started this blog isn’t mine.  I mean obviously it’s mine, as I am the one who wrote it, but it’s not my natural whatever.  It was kind of a necessary endeavor for me to explore in laying out a dramatic series of events.

Aaaand that’s over.

So I know I can access that writing style when need be, but as I don’t have much in the way of excitement in my life, the style’s gotta change.  My god, how boring would this be if I kept writing like that?  I’m very capable of writing grocery lists, and I’d prefer that this blog not become one.

Side note: Is it weird for me to use phrases like “my god” when I don’t really believe in god?  Or when I prefer not to acknowledge his/her/its possible existence?  And should I capitalize it?  Is it offensive if I don’t?  Does it imply something if I do?

Welcome to my brain.  We’re just getting started.  Oh my god this is going to be so fun.  And there we go again.

*The title is a quote my sister and I came up with.  I’ll probably do a post on it somewhere down the line.  It would take time to properly convey the absolute fucking hilarity with which it came about.


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