Like Crazy


Joshua and I are at the beach, standing in the bed of his truck.  The wind is whipping and I’m cold.  He’s standing behind me with his arms wrapped around me.  We watch the sunset on the horizon.

We’re driving down the back roads.  He’s blasting music he recorded with his band years ago.  We make it back home and park.  We finish our conversation.  It leads to another.  Before we know it, another hour has gone by.

It’s late fall.  We’ve gone away for the weekend, to a ski town that he loves.  It’s a nice day.  We explore.  I fall in love with a bracelet.  He buys it for me so we never forget.

He was so unaware of the romance in the things we did together.  I loved it all.  Who knows, though; maybe it wasn’t all that romantic.  Maybe it felt so special to me because really, I just loved doing anything as long as I was with him.


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